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My name is Stone Costa, and I am the creator of a brand new eSports promotion called URLC (Ultimate Rocket League Championship).

URLC presents an exciting and unique opportunity! Our promotion targets solo competition, allowing us to focus on individual competitors rather than teams. Our format guarantees what you as a potential sponsor cares about, and that is hundreds of thousands of eyes on your product. And here are the following points we can make about why we can make this guarantee with confidence.

URLC promotes streamer vs streamer, with strict criteria on what streamers get signed
Our player signing criteria is a minimum of 100k followers and 1k+ average viewers
We will sign 24 streamers for 1 year, each agreeing to partake in at least 3 events over 1 year
Our monthly events combine the fanbase of 6 successful streamers and our fans
Events are also marketed on each participating streamer’s channels and social media as well as ours
Rocket League's player base has more than doubled since going free to play on September 23rd, 2020
URLC broadcasts are staged in a virtual Rocket League arena, viewers and participants engage from their own homes. Therefore, we do not have to book any venues, and there are 0% COVID-19 spreading risks associated with our promotion

On September 26th, 2020, URLC aired a “demo” event on twitch called “URLC Legacy”, as a showcase of our format, and demonstration of our broadcast capabilities. Please take the time to review the and promotional content for URLC Legacy by visiting our twitch channel, This content is also available on Youtube, by searching for “URLC Legacy”.

We are looking to secure at least 110,000 USD from a sponsorship partner, to execute all of our plans over 1 year and we aim to launch in the first quarter of 2021. Roster signing and initial setups will cost us about $5.1k, and each event will cost an average of $8.7k. We are open to an exclusive deal, and support could be dispersed quarterly.

We are open to working with a sponsor to come up with the best ways to promote your product during our broadcast and commercials. Additionally, you would have access to the talent in the URLC roster for direct commercials and promo segments to air during our broadcast.

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