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Negotiate and buy sponsorship packages directly through the site. Pay by credit card or by invoice.


We finalize your purchase and facilitate the details allowing you to maximize the value of your sponsorship.

Free to Use

Sponsors are what make our marketplace work! That's why sponsors get to use HapBack for free. We simply take a 10% commission from all sponsorship funds before transferring those funds to the event organizer.

Find the Right Opportunities

HapBack gives you the tools you need to identify your most relevant and valuable sponsorship opportunities. You can browse events based on demographics such as age, income, and gender. Then you can view sponsorships based on the dates offered.

There's still a lot to do after you buy a sponsorship...

HapBack lessens the load by providing personalized assistance including:

  • Finalizing a contract between the organizer and sponsor
  • Paying the event organizer through their preferred means
  • Sending logos and other important information to the organizer
  • Reminding sponsors when and where they need to be for their sponsorships
  • Obtaining the necessary information to create a data-heavy follow up report

Don't see what you're looking for?

Not all companies are alike. If you don't see the types of events you're looking for, let us know! We'll send you a short survey designed to give us a much deeper understanding of exactly what you need. Then we'll go out and get those types of events listed on our site.

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